‘The Refused Academy’

vanaf 07/05/2017 tot en met 06/06/2017

‘The Refused Academy’ focuses on artists and makers working on the fringes of categories of art. It explores the way humour and surrealism can be used as tools to redefine the artist’s role.

The artists presented move between different mediums, genres and modes of creativity and refuse to belong a single definition of art or the artist.

‘The Refused Academy’ richt zich op kunstenaars en makers werkend aan de rand van verschillende categorieën van kunst . Het onderzoekt de manier waarop humor en surrealisme kan worden gebruikt als instrumenten om de rol van de kunstenaar te herdefiniëren.

De kunstenaars gepresenteerd bewegen tussen verschillende media, genres en vormen van creativiteit en weigeren om aan een eenduidige definitie van kunst of de kunstenaar te behoren.
Note from the curator:

The tongue is in the cheek and the hand is in the air and there is no single school or genre or kind of artist. For here are those that are refused and that refused to subscribe to an easily swallowed definition of art. Hang the academy of acceptance and long live the academy of refusal!


Zoe Reddy

deelnemende kunstenaars

Renée van Trier

The sassy Van Trier kneads new language.
It is overwhelming, it’s a lot, it’s loud and sometimes it’s not that pretty.
A contrast falsely naïve, an intelligent mixture of creativity and madness, a true manifesto for art without inhibitions.
The fearlessness to allow silence to come forth which can be frigthening.

Charlie Watkins

Charlie Watkins (Crewe, 1965) If you would allow me to illustrate my biography with an example… it’s like the image on the flyer for this exhibition, it used to just be just a load of stuff, it used to have no meaning at all, now it’s part of one of the pieces in this gallery, part of a piece called ‘men vs women’ and it represents the thoughts of women. At first I couldn’t really justify that it represented the thoughts of women but then Zoe chose this image for the flyer and then it all made sense. A meaning got built out of nothing, it’s not a big thing but it’s a new thing and it’s been shared. Times that by a zillion, add a great soundtrack and that is the story of my life.

Questions Collective

Questions Collective is a team of 4 players with complementary skills. They build alternative worlds with the tools of music, design and drama to let you enter and experience new realities.


Opening ‘The Refused Academy’

Kadmium nodigt je uit voor de opening van de expositie ‘The Refused Academy’ op zondag 7 mei om 15:00 uur. Meer informatie vindt je hier