lines of the self

vanaf 30/10/2014 tot en met 07/12/2014

From 30 October until 7 December, Kadmium presents a selection of work from new media and online artists dealing with themes of portraiture and identity. Our collective identity is changing inside a global shift, cultural appropriation is the move du jour and interconnectivity is mixing with anonymity in as yet unmeasured ways.

Yet how does this shift hinged on the permutation of technology affect the individual and the artist’s experience of identity?
Where do the artist and viewer fit it into a contemporary dialogue around the identity puzzle?
How does the artist of today view their image and that of their viewer in light of new mediums and online platforms?

Van 30 oktober tot en met 7 december presenteert Kadmium een selectie van “new media” en “online artists” met als thema portret en identiteit. Onze collectieve identiteit is aan het veranderen binnen een wereldwijde verschuiving; culturele toe-eigening is de orde van de dag. De interconnectiviteit en anonimiteit mengen zich op een nog onmeetbare manier.

Hoe werkt deze verschuiving gelinkt aan de technologische permutatie, en welke invloed  heeft het op de ervaring van de individuele identiteit  en die van de kunstenaar?
Waar staan kunstenaar en kijker in deze hedendaagse dialoog over de identiteitsvraag?
Hoe ziet de hedendaagse kunstenaar zijn beeld en dat van de kijker in het licht van nieuwe media en online platforms?

zondag 2 november
om 16.00: opening met DJ Zoe Bowie
vrijdag 7 november 17.00: workshop beatlab
Met het Beatlab ga jij geluiden om je heen opnemen en daarvan beats maken.
Als eerste ontvangen we jou in het Lab in Kadmium Delft. Dan lopen we door de tentoonstelling “Lines of the self” waar je onder begeleiding op zoek gaat naar geluiden. Die worden met behulp van een recorder opgenomen.
Eenmaal terug bij het Lab worden de opgenomen geluiden in de computer geladen en daar gaan we met Ableton live beats maken van het geheel.

De workshop duurt ongeveer 75 minuten, is geheel gratis en geschikt voor zowel kinderen als volwassenen.
Inschrijven voor deelname?
Stuur een mail naar:
vrijdag 28 november 20.00: movie night
On Friday the 28th of November, Kadmium will be hosting a special movie night, featuring a selection of short artist films from both students and professional artists. Curated by Zoe Reddy, these films range from the serious to the surreal and runs for one hour. Entry price is 3 euro and includes a serving of hot popcorn.

Op vrijdag 28 november, Kadmium presenteert een speciale filmavond, met een selectie van korte kunstenaar films van zowel studenten als professionele kunstenaars. Samengesteld door Zoe Reddy, deze films variëren van grappig tot de surrealistische en loopt gedurende een uur. Toegangsprijs is € 3 inclusief een portie hete popcorn.



Zoe Reddy

deelnemende kunstenaars


Born inMonterrey,Mexico, Samara Mitro has studied fine arts at the KABK inthe Hague, graduating this year. Previously she has studied Animation and Digital Art at the Tecnologico de Monterrey CampusMonterrey, Mexico (MX). Her work has been shown throughout theNetherlands, this will be her second time exhibiting in Kadmium. Samara’s work utilizes contemporary technology including 3D printers to create sculptural and installation works that deal with matters of surface versus image and physical memory.


24-year-old digital artist Molly Soda has been creating GIF art and videos for her 30,000 or so Tumblr followers to enjoy, occasionally accepting donations and selling customized pieces to specific buyers.

"I think a lot of people have issues making money off the work, because it's not a physical thing… it's like, 'You're not an artist. Where is your painting?'"

Molly became well known for her piece Inbox Full a webcam video she filmed of herself reading all of the messages in her inbox—an 8-hour feat which took a whole of a perseverance. Molly helped changed the very notion of art and reinforced the idea that art doesn't have to be tangible.

For this exhibition Molly has created a new work to be presented for the first time, a departure from her other works and yet still very personal. This will be presented in combination with her tumblr page.


As a master graduate of Artistic research, Zoe is skilled in both the theoretical and practical aspects of art and culture. Her artistic practice focuses mainly on performance, photography and video. The cross pollination of music/voice and visual art serves as a basis for her works. Zoe blends elements of high and low art to create new combinations that belong in the spaces between disciplines.

Active for the past several years as both performer/artist and curator, Zoe has been preparing research for this exhibition which she has translated into a video installation that deals with the issue of online art, appropriation and assimilation of image and information.


Funded by the Research Initiatives call, the kinetic mirror is a novel interactive 3D display. It is based on a simple linear actuator (a motor fader), and developed with a large-scale array of 400 moving pixels. The end result is a mirror that mimics and plays with the audience or object held in front of it, in dynamic shape changes and vivid colours. Students of the minor on advanced prototyping assembled this prototype.

Researchers: Dr. Jouke Verlinden, Daniel Saakes (former ID-Studiolab, now KAIST) & Rob Luxen (ID-StudioLab).