Around Delft: ‘Bij mij thuis’ (in my home)

Around Delft: ‘Bij mij thuis’ (in my home)

‘We zijn weer thuis’ (we’re home again) Kadmium’s first exhibition in its new location. This first exhibition is focused on the theme of being at home.

Where does an artwork belong? Does it belong in a studio or exhibition space, or perhaps hanging above the sofa? To address these questions one weekend of the exhibition run includes a tour around Delft: ‘Bij mij thuis’. During this weekend three artists open their homes to the public and exhibit both their own work and that of other artists.

Around Delft: ‘Bij mij thuis’ Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 February 2015, from 13:00 to 17:00.
Winnie Keizer, Dirk van Dien and Enlightment Arts – Maryon Widdershoven & JanPaul Verburg – open their homes to the public, showing their own work and work from other artists.

Exhibiting in the home of Winnie Keizer:
Address: Hopstraat 2, Delft

Wilma Keizer

Riverside Batumi, 180 x 85 cm, 2013.

Leslie Eisinger

Beatrix , knitted painting

Winnie Keizer

Jean Paul, 3d collage

Exhibiting in the home of Dirk van Dien
Address: Doelenstraat 12, Delft

Bram Zwartjens

Ink drawing

Alex Verduijn den Boer

Drawing: View of the new church from Dirk’s house as seen from the first floor

Dirk van Dien

Exhibiting at Enlightment Arts (Maryon Widdershoven & Janpaul Verburg):
address: Bagijnestraat 24, Delft

Coby Brinkers

Chair object, ceramics

Bernadette Palsma

Title: Spring

Enlightment Arts

Light object: Ghandi ‘whatever you do is insignificant, but you have to do it’, doedel .